Dealing with Paint Spills on Concrete: A Simple Guide

DRIVEWAY COATINGConcrete garage floors and driveways face a barrage of chemicals, from car grease to bug
sprays. But one of the toughest challenges is dealing with paint spills. Whether it’s from
storing old paint or a painting mishap, spilled paint can quickly mar your concrete surface,
even if you thought it was well-protected.

In this easy guide, discover some handy tips for removing fresh or old paint stains from
concrete. Plus, learn about a reliable solution to prevent paint stains altogether: a
protective garage floor coating.

How to Remove Fresh Paint from Concrete Floors:

1. Remove excess paint: Use a scraper or thin plastic to lift off as much paint as
possible without spreading it. Blot up remaining paint with a paper towel.
2. Use acetone: In a well-ventilated area, apply acetone to the stained area and let it
sit for five minutes. Scrub away the paint. Remember to wear protective gear like
gloves, a respirator mask, and goggles.
How to Remove Old Paint from Concrete Floors:
1. Chemical paint stripper: Choose a paint stripper suitable for the type of paint and
follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.
2. Power washing: While typically used for driveways, you can also remove paint stains
with highly pressurized hot or soapy water.
3. Grinding: For heavily stained surfaces, consider professional grinding to remove a
thin layer of concrete along with the stain.

Prevent Paint Stains with Proactive Measures:

The best way to deal with paint spills is to prevent them altogether. Professional concrete
floor coatings provide a durable layer of protection, shielding your concrete from stains,
water, and impact damage.

With a quality floor coating, like Galaxy Concrete Coatings, wet paint can be easily mopped away, and dry paint scraped off without hassle.

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